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January 2016-August 2018

Case study: Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting in the Muskoka River Watershed

A brief study undertaken for the Canadian Water Network and the Muskoka Watershed Council to assess the Council's watershed monitoring and reporting program.  This case study was the exploratory work that provided a foundation upon which to build the PhD research.  Items are listed in reverse chronological order, from most recent to oldest.

Ho 2018 - CBR paper - screenshot.jpg

Criteria-based ranking (CBR): A comprehensive process for selecting and prioritizing monitoring indicators


A new approach to selecting and/or prioritizing monitoring indicators (e.g., what is being measured) that emerged from our exploratory study in the Muskoka River Watershed.  The process will be adapted/improved upon in the current Grand-Erie study.  This paper is freely-accessible by anyone (no subscription).

October 23, 2018

Ho Eger Courtenay 2018 - Muskoka paper -

Assessing current monitoring indicators and reporting for cumulative effects integration: A case study in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Outcomes of our exploratory study in the Muskoka River Watershed (January to August 2016).  This paper is closed access (through library or other subscription only), though you can read the highlights and abstract free of charge.

August 12, 2018

Screenshot - OCC poster.jpg

Integrating water monitoring and management in Ontario, Canada


Poster with results from the exploratory study in Muskoka.  Presented at Ontario Climate Consortium and at ​Elsevier 4th International Water Research Conference: The Role of Water Technology Innovation in the Blue Economy.

OCC: May 11-12, 2017

Elsevier: September 12, 2017

Screenshot - SNC presentation 2017.jpg

Monitoring and Reporting in Canadian Watersheds: Recommendations from a Muskoka, Ontario Case Study


Lunch-and-learn presentation to South Nation Conservation to share results of our exploratory research in Muskoka.​

February 7, 2017

Screenshot - Muskoka Summit poster 2016.

A Resilient Watershed: Applying an Integrative and Adaptive Approach to the Long-Term Management of the Muskoka Watershed


Poster with results from the exploratory study in Muskoka.  Presented at Muskoka Summit on the Environment – Solutions for a Warming World (‘Warming World Summit’) and at McMaster Water Week conference.

Muskoka: May 27, 2016

McMaster: October 28, 2016

Screenshot - Muskoka workshop presentati

Preparing for climate change in Muskoka: Strengthening watershed monitoring and reporting in a changing future.


Workshop presentation sharing early outcomes ​of the exploratory study.  This presentation was used to lead the workshop activity that provided the rest of the study data.

August 5, 2016

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