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Peer-reviewed publications and theses

Ho-Tassone, E., Judge, A., Trant, A. J., and Courtenay, S. C. (2022). Collaborative watershed analysis: A ‘groupthink’ assessment of cumulative effects. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Ho, E. (2021). Towards democratizing water quality monitoring processes for the lower Grand River and nearshore Lake Erie. UWSpace. PhD dissertation.

Ho, E., Trant, A., Gray, M., and Courtenay, S. (2020). Comparison of freshwater monitoring approaches: strengths, opportunities, and recommendations. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, (2020) 192:614.

Ho, E. (2018). Criteria-based ranking (CBR): A comprehensive process for selecting and prioritizing monitoring indicators. MethodsX, 5: 1234-1329.

Ho, E., Eger, S., and Courtenay, S. (2018). Assessing current monitoring indicators and reporting for cumulative effects integration: A case study in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Ecological Indicators, 95: 862-876.

Ho, E., Clarke, A., and Dougherty, I. (2015). Youth-led social change: Topics, engagement types, organizational types, strategies, and impacts. Futures, 67: 52-62.

Ho, E. (2013). Mapping Youth-led Engagement: Impacts of Youth-led Engagement in English Canada over the Last 35 Years. UWSpace. Masters thesis.

Ho, E. (2011). Conserving a species by accessing its host - Potential to expand the range of Simpsonaias ambigua into known Necturus maculosus habitats and range. Undergraduate thesis Part 2.

Ho, E. (2011). Monitoring mudpuppy behaviours in an artificial environment - Observations of mudpuppy denning activities and other behaviours. Undergraduate thesis Part 1.

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