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Click any project below to view the portfolio of resources and publications within it - e.g., presentations, publications, reports, media interviews, and more.

January 2023-December 2024

Upper Great Lakes Community Ecosystem Monitoring


October 2020-February 2022

Garden River First Nation Community-based Water Quality Monitoring

Summary information from the postdoctoral research project in Garden River First Nation

December 2018-TBD 2023

Grand-Erie Study

Documents, presentation, and more from the PhD research project in the Grand River Watershed (full document portfolio included)

March-November 2018

Sustainable Development Goals in Canada

Contract work (lead author) with the Waterloo Global Science Initiative to synthesize outcomes of a national summit to propose strategies to localize and implement the Sustainable Development Goals in Canada.

January 2016-August 2018

Case study: Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting in the Muskoka River Watershed

A brief study undertaken for the Canadian Water Network and the Muskoka Watershed Council to assess the Council's watershed monitoring and reporting program.

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