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See us at THEMUSEUM!

THEMUSEUM is "a premier cultural destination dedicated to presenting fresh, inspired content from around the globe in unique and immersive ways designed to showcase art & technology at play." They have generously added the Grand Expressions virtual exhibit to their highly-publicized ALARM exhibit for six months!

Back in February, THEMUSEUM was scheduled to be one of the fantastic venues to host artwork from Six Nations youth. However, when COVID-19 closed and cancelled all our venues, THEMUSEUM maintained interest in supporting this project. Now they have followed up on their promise and have created a space for our exhibit - this time as a virtual exhibit viewable on a tablet on the third floor. We are so excited that the exhibit will be available to roughly 50,000 visitors until the end of January 2021, and even more so that we are being hosted under the banner of ALARM - a series of four highly-publicized exhibits focused on achieving action on climate change and biodiversity.

A description of the exhibit is here (and below). Please support this wonderful and unique venue, which provides us with some of the largest cultural, arts and sciences experiences in Canada!

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